Herts Half

18/11/2018 21:00 | Adrian Robinson

Sadly it was a no show from Robbie Williams at today's Herts Half Marathon at Knebworth House. But there was a great turnout from Freedom Tri. Putting in some quality winter base work in the shape of a 13.1 mile hilly jaunt around the closed lanes of Hertfordshire. With the mercury in single figures runners were treated to an high energy warm up session in front of the main stage followed by a Cadbury's hot chocolate (flake optional). 9.30am and the runners were off. The first mile being an scenic lap of the grounds of Knebworth House which included a cheeky little climb to serve as a taster for what was to come. By mile 4 the hard work began. A slow uphill climb towards the Langley turnaround point that seemed never ending. Eventually the race leaders were pounding past in the opposite direction. Time to knuckle down and focus. Luckily the weather improved as the course unfolded with runners finding their rhythm slowly ticking off the miles back towards the finish. As always race organisers like to put a sting in the tail and today was no exception. The final drag towards the finish was a lung busting ascent, rewarded by the welcoming cheers of friends and family. Race over. Time for maybe one more hot chocolate before heading home.

Results: Ben Field 1:25:51 (17th in Cat); James Parsons 1:28:02 (8th in Cat); James Thomas 1:32:53 (14th in Cat); Adrian Robinson 1:51:03 (55th in Cat); Christine Caine 1:58:11 (18th in Cat); Lynda Robinson 2:06:04 (26th in Cat); Emma Clark 2:07:51 (52nd in Cat); Greg Blount 2:24:40 (15th in Cat).

A misty start welcomed runners to the Herts Half at Knebworth House this morning.

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