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The British Triathlon Federation (BTF) is the Triathlon's governing body in the UK.

A federation of the local triathlon organisations of Triathlon Scotland, Triathlon England and Triathlon Wales.

To take part in our activities you must have BTF membership.   Your BTF membership number will be required when booking open water swim sessions.

Minimum membership level is "Essential" - which provides public liability insurance for training in Britain.

Membership level "Core" provides members with some personal insurance when training and competing in the UK.    It also acts as a race licence - thereby avoiding any BTF "on the day" licence charges.    Whilst in itself not a huge cost, if you are doing only 3 or 4 BTF sanctioned races within a year, then the additional cost of "core" is paid for by avoiding the on the day race licence fees.

"Ultimate" is much the same as Core - but covers international training and racing.    In some cases the race day charges on international events can be significant.

Freedom Tri is affiliated to the BTF.

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