Brighton Marathon, London Marathon

22/04/2018 21:11 | Adrian Robinson

Well done to Tracey Palmieri who completed the Brighton Marathon in 1084th place with a time of 3:32:02 - a splendid 46th in Cat.; Michael Mullender was not far behind in 1116th place with 3:32:42 (659th in Cat.); whilst Rachel Carling also turned in another great women's performance in 2210th place with 3:49:38 (76th in Cat.)

Over at the London Marathon in record temperatures of 23.2C Steffan Ford crossed the line in an impressive 2,287th place with a time of 3:13:44 (449th Cat.); Jenny Cotter also had a great run in 7,068th place with a time of 3:47:24 (170th Cat.); Thomas Sauka was in 11,467th place in 4:09:38 (1693rd Cat.); Amanda Smith in 26,370th place in 5:15:48 (4,658 Cat.); whilst Sara O'Callaghan was in 34,133rd place with a time of 5:58:27 (1709th Cat.) Awesome performances all round. Well done Freedomites for flying the wings at running's most gruelling long distance race.

Tracey Palmieri and Rachel Carling at the Brighton Marathon

Sara O'Callaghan at the London Marathon. Photo credit: Emma Croxon.

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