Cambridge Half

07/03/2018 21:40 | Adrian Robinson

Last Sunday saw Cambridge play host to it's annual half marathon. The day was marked with scandal after race winner Jack Gray was disqualified having used his colleague's race number at the last minute and hadn't even paid an entry! Laying down an early season marker, Freedom Tri were out in full force with James Thomas leading the charge in 1:26:36 closely followed by Martin Hawke in 1:28:17 and Paul Fairchild in 1:28:59. Other Freedom times: Mark Allen 1:40:07; Rob Evans 1:54:34; John Phillips 1:58:32; Emma Croxon 1:58:41; Emma Kinsey 2:01:23; Andrew Fenton 2:03:24; Gareth Sharp 2:10:47; Sarah Taylor 2:13:56 and Sara O'Callaghan in 2:15:50.

Martin Hawke & Rob Evans at the Cambridge Half Marathon. Photo credit: Mark Allen.

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