XC Race 3: Willian

16/12/2017 10:37 | Adrian Robinson

And so it was, 26 blurry eyed Freedomites gathered together on Willian green for the third installament of the Run Herts cross country league. With temperatures barely above freezing and the excesses of the previous night's Christmas party sadly all too visible. Pirate bandanas and bad eye liner were the favoured look for this morning's sporting endeavours, with energy drinks being exchanged for tots of Morgans rum. The starting gun was the first realization for most that they were actually at a race and that people would have to dig deep to complete the frozen 5 mile course. In the women's race Rachel Carling, Tracey Palmieri and Jenny Cotter were the first three for Freedom over the line in 37.06; 37.07 & 38.20. Over in the men's race Bryon Nicholl, James Thomas and Paul Fairchild led the charge in 31.02; 32.41 & 33.35. The overall club standings after race three put Freedom Tri in 12th place in the league. The women's team are in seventh place with the men's team in 10th. Special mention goes to the women's masters team who are in sixth place! Arrrghhhh me hearties!!!!


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