Central CycloCross League MK Bowl, Standalone 10k

04/10/2016 12:06 | Gareth Sharp (Administrator)

Saturday saw the second fixture of the Central CycloCross League season at the Milton Keynes Bowl.  4 Freedom Tri athletes took part, with two of them finishing on the podium.  Rod Sedgwick finished 2nd in his category in 32:53, and Jackie Livings (pictured below) finished 3rd in her category in 36:54.  Rob Clarke fininshed 22nd in 33:07, while James Knight finished 35th in his category in 44:59.

Freedom Tri were well represented at the Standalone 10k, with over 20 athletes running the 10k course around Letchworth.   Gareth Charles was 57th, and home first for the club in a fantastic personal best time of 39:16.   62nd was James Parsons in 39:35.  81st was Lee Hayes in 40:11. 87th was Mathew Freeman in 40:21.  91st was Chris Clark in 40:36.  131st was Michal Day in 42:16.  158th was Gareth Bates in 43:36.  206th was Mark Allen in 44:50.  272nd was Jenny Cotter in 46:10.  

310th was Lewis Green in 47:21.  322nd was Rachel Carling in 47:29.  474th was Emma Kinsey in 50:27.  641st was Mark Bullivant in 53:30.  777th was Matthew Wainwright in 54:48.  803th was Rob Evans in 57:01.  854th was Gareth Sharp in 57:23.  912th was Robb Lockwood in 57:43.  1053th was Jane Britten in 1:01:11.  

1072nd was Jackie Livings in 1:02:39.  1209th was Sarah Taylor in 1:08:04.  1306th was Samantha Sharp in 1:16:37.

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