IRONMAN Weymouth & St Neots Tri

12/09/2016 12:01 | Gareth Sharp (Administrator)

9 Freedom Triathletes made the journey down to Dorest this weekend to race the Ironman Weymouth.  Thankfully, they were blessed with pan flat a sea for the swim.  Half Ironman first timers Liz Aitkin, Emma Croxon, Martin Hawke, Robb Lockwood, Sara O'Callaghan, Michele Reeves joined Suzy Hawkins and Rob Sedgwick opting for the 70.3 distance, swimming 1,900m in the sea, then off on a 57 mile bike ride, including 3,500 feet of elevation through out the course, and finishing off with a 13.1 mile half marathon run along the promenade.  

Suzy Hawkins (pictured below) did fantastically well, finishing on the podium in 3rd place in 5:30:20, adding to the bulging trophy cabinet.  Michelle Reeves finished in 13th in her age group in 5:47:33.  Sara O'Callaghan, 32nd in age group in 8:18:22, 

Liz Aitkin was 34th in age group in 7:41:51.  Emma Croxon finished 37th in her age group in 8:30:54, Martin Hawke finished 119th in his age group in 5:57:31, and Robb Lockwood finished in 131st place in his age group in 8:27:37.  Rob Sedgwick was on track for a great race, but unfortunately became very unwell during the bike ride, and was taken from the bike course by an ambulance. Thankfully he is recovering well now.

Ironman specialist David Wright doubled the challenge, taking on the full Ironman distance of 140.6 miles, swimming 2.4 miles in the sea, cycling 112 miles, and finishing off the day with a full 26.2 mile marathon run.  David did fantastically well to finish 75th in his age group in 15:34:44.  David is now part of a select group of people who have finished all 3 UK full Ironman events; Wales, UK in Bolton, and now Weymouth, and was presented with a special polo shirt.

Also racing on Sunday at the St Neots Triathlons were Jeff Thompson and Dean Heuer.  Jeff raced the sprint distance of 750m river swim, 24km bike and 5km run.  Jeff raced hard from the start, finishing in 54th position in 1:34:39.  Dean raced the standard distance race, 1,500m  river swim, 45km bike and 10km run.  Dean finished in a fantastic 36th place in 2:51:48.

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